a choir is born

Jul 24th, 2008 | By | Category: just funny, Performances

my box of kazoos arrived today – $35 on ebay and I’ve got 50 instruments ready for deployment.

Keen to try them out, I took them to work with me. My class for the day came to learn how to use structured query language to create database structures and manipulate data. They had no idea what twisted musical ambitions I had for them all. About halfway through the morning some of them were looking a bit glazed so I broke out the box and gave them all one kazoo each. This shot shows us practicing our first tune – row, row, row your boat played (hummed?) as a simple round. The slacker in the middle is risking a ‘not yet competent’ line on his transcript, but all the others are ‘high distinction’ material. Who would have thought SQL could be such fun?

Some observations…

  • The victims students took the exercise in good humour, even the non-participants enjoyed it.
  • It will sound much better when I get them standing in a closer group, rather than letting them remain seated around the classroom
  • I need to find out more about basic musical arrangements – possibly even read through some introductory lessons on the web like start a choir
  • to take this onto the street an start impromput choirs from scratch I’ll need something to gather a circle of participants first, and some way of demonstrating what we’re hoping to achieve with 5 to 10 minutes practice.

Next week I’m hoping to get some dance moves incorporated into the act (a-la big band brass players ‘swing’ moves). Ultimately I want to combine this class with my Cert II class (learning basic computing skills and, incidentally, juggling)

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