Swings in the street

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taking the park to the people. This idea goes a step beyond guerrilla benching (reported by space hijackers back in 2006).

street swing

This project is a study into different ways of bringing play back into public space. It focuses on ways of incorporating incidental play in the public realm by not so much as having separate play equipment that dictates the users but by using existing furniture and architectural elements that indicate playful behavior for all.

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It’s intriguing to think that a bland urban landscape could be transformed into an exciting interactive environment with the addition of a few pieces of rope and a board or two. Swings, rope ladders, see-saws and monkey bars are all easily within a $10 budget.

Some specific projects…

By far the easiest would be a single rope swing. After finding a handy lightpost, tree branch or awning support you could toss a light line over, then use it to pull up your rope. Tie a loop in the end of your rope around the bottom of the light line and pull … viola, you’ve got a swing rope all ready for your pedicular pleasure.

Using the same technique and a few more bits you could create a swing, a trapeze or rings – everything the urban acrobat could need.

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