who says money can’t buy happiness?

Jul 19th, 2008 | By | Category: Installations, Lead articles

I’ve always loved the idea of culture jamming with a vending machine. Years ago I read an article about a second hand book vending machine, which I thought I might duplicate on the local university grounds. While researching I came across the artomat, where artists use retired cigarette vending machines to sell small artworks.

Today I came across the fun-o-meter, a toy vending machine that Jake Bronstein has filled with toy capsules. Each capsule contains an idea for something fun to do, a toy, and possibly a map to guide you to the location for your idea. He’s been placing the machine in various spots around New York and charging 50c an egg. Way cool.

A quick search on eBay turns up a bunch of vending machines, some for as little as $99. Stock one with juggling balls and some instructions and you could be in on the ground floor in the fledgling circus skills vending industry.

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