3 ball juggling

Jul 2nd, 2008 | By | Category: Inspirations, Performances

I know this one isn’t actually being performed on the street, but it could have been. If you juggle three balls, but wonder if you’ve done it all, this video’s is a great yardstick to measure up against.

[TEDTALKS MichaelMoschen_2002_high.flv]

(from TED talks, Michael Moschen: Juggling rhythm and motion)

If you’re not quite up to speed on three balls yet? try out this lesson on videojug

A mass juggling meetup would be fun to organise – I picture a toss of jugglers (is a group of jugglers called a toss? If not, I think it should be). Anyhow, this toss of jugglers could start off juggling spread out in distributed pairs or singles (over a block or two), then walk to a pre-arranged meeting spot at a set time, juggle together and swap items for a few minutes and then wander off again – I think perhaps all in silence, though some music might be nice too.

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