care to tango?

Sep 12th, 2008 | By | Category: Lead articles

This week I purchased a Bajofondo electrotango CD (just one of those eBay moments), so I was imediately attracted to Volvotango when I read about them on the zoomdoggle blog. What could be sweeter than spontaneous tango in the streets?

Volvo Tango
At first I thought: tango music broadcast through the low powered FM25B FM transmitter (which arrived last week), received by a bunch of tango partners via their portable FM receivers – all tangoing away in synchrony, but without any audible cue.

dance steps But then I had another idea… why not lay out the steps on the street? A little digging turned up DANCE – a windows program for creating and learning dance patterns (more than 210 patterns are already available – 60 of them with video and picture sequence) u can also animate, print and export the dance patterns; just the ticket for creating some road-ready stencils.

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