piles of meat cluttering up the urban landscape

Aug 28th, 2008 | By | Category: Performances

When I worked as a corporate clone one of the many platitudes I loathed hearing was: “our employees are our most valuable resource”. Every day I saw what happened to any other resource needed to run the business; how it was brought in by the truckload, processed and fabricated into a saleable item before the refuse was unceremoniously carted off to be dumped as landfill. I was under no illusion that even as a ‘valuable resource’ my fate was little different (as it happens I was fortunate enough to escape before all the good had been extracted from me, otherwise I might not be writing here now).

bodies in urban spaces’ – a collaboration by art director Willi Dorner and photographer Lisa Rastl, graphically captures that feeling of foreboding. The faceless piles of human ‘meat’ cluttering up the urban landscape strike a strong chord – what is it that makes us more than fleshy, autonomous resources anyway?

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